Best Spot To Sell Your Textbooks

There are old textbooks actually sitting in our pantries or shelves. However, we overlook that asset that can make us some speedy cash.

We primarily keep those old books since we don’t think about the best places to sell textbooks. Be that as it may, indeed, there are a few different ways to sell those with no issue.

As per late measurements, around 81% of the US populace matured somewhere in the range of 19 and 21 years read, at any rate, a solitary book throughout the earlier year.

What’s more, do you understand what they are well on the way to peruse? Indeed, it is likely a reading material. Also, another 2019 report by CNBC proposed that printed books produced $26 billion in income a year ago.

You can make an incredible perfect measure of cash just by selling your old books which you will most likely never contact again.

Be that as it may, you do have to think about the best places to sell textbooks to amplify your benefit. Also, to assist you with this here goes our total guide.

Top 4 Textbook Buyback Bookstores To Sell Your Books

When a semester comes to a close, students will have to find out which textbooks to keep and the ones to sell. It can be the best time of the year if you play it right. That is because if you choose the right place, you could get big cash for selling your books. One of the best places to sell your books is textbook buyback bookstores.

As you probably know, textbooks are expensive. It is one of the massive one-off expenses you have to cover before you start a new semester. Aside from that, you may have to buy more textbooks throughout the year.

With textbook buyback bookstores, you now have the opportunity to sell your textbooks, get paid, and buy different books. This guide will show the best textbook buyback bookstores to sell your books and get the best offers.

The Best 4 Textbook Buyback Bookstores

  1. Bauman Rare Books

Bauman Rare Books has been in the textbook buyback industry since 1973. No wonder they are exceptional at buying back textbooks. Since its establishment, the company has expanded to become one of the finest places to sell books.

They offer reasonable offers through which you can make it your side business. They have experienced book experts who will ensure that your books get the value it deserves. If you decide to sell textbooks, Bauman Rare Books is an ideal choice.

  1. Dog Eared Books

Dog Eared Books have been in the industry for more than 20 years, providing exceptional bookselling services. It is an independent bookstore with an extensive collection of new and used textbooks that customers can purchase.

Their industry experience makes it possible for them to ensure you get the best deal for your book. The company buys used textbooks every day. When you sell your books at Dog Eared Books, you can get the most money for your textbooks.

If you want to make selling books your side job or even a full-time job, Dog Eared Books is one of the places to consider. However, if you are going to make selling books your career, you have to learn how to do it. Follow this guide to understand certain concepts: how to make money selling books.

  1. The Strand Bookstore

This list cannot be complete without The Strand Bookstore. Established in 1927, the bookstore has become the favorite place for people to buy used books. The company has the entire three floors dedicated to books. People can search for any book they want.

The Strand has people who will check to know if your book is in good condition. They will use that to determine the amount you get for your textbook. They will then decide your book’s worth. Keep in mind that the prices vary because of various reasons, such as the book’s condition. And that is why it is essential to keep your textbook in good condition.

The Strand bookstore is one of the best textbook buyback bookstores to sell your books. Their offers will amaze you.

  1. Green Apple Books

Green Apple Books is one of the best-known textbook buyback bookstores. Founded in 1967 with more than 100,000 used books and 60,000 new books, they have grown to become exceptionally unique. They have other branches where you can sell high-school textbooks. Their offers are reasonable, and you do not need to worry about getting paid. They pay their customers.


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